Hi KawaiiFans!

We've been busy with kittens and new cats to our household, and we haven't updated this site as frequently as we should have!  If you don't follow us on Facebook, we definitely recommend you do, as we'll post things there more often.

That said, we just had a litter born about 3 weeks ago, and they are growing like weeds!  We are having a blast watching them grow and explore their environments.

We also added 2 new cats in our household: CatChi Kokeshi of KawaiiKats and  Kasuma Kigensetsu of KawaiiKats!  Affectionately known as Dolly and Kige, these two are enjoying spending time with Tyler and I and soaking up the perfect sunshine coming into the window of our place!  Dolly is a new queen for us, but has had a litter previously so we are looking forward to seeing her offspring.  Kige is a new stud for us... our very first, and very special to us already!  He is not proven, but as he's getting older, we can tell he's very interested in getting to know Dolly.  We haven't added pictures of these two to the website yet, but they've been featured on our Facebook page!

Thanks for reading, and for following our journey with us!

Jennifer & Tyler

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