Hi KawaiiFans!

We've been busy with kittens and new cats to our household, and we haven't updated this site as frequently as we should have!  If you don't follow us on Facebook, we definitely recommend you do, as we'll post things there more often.

That said, we now have two litters of kittens on the ground, and they are growing up fast and strong!  One litter is from our Queen Taiga, and has 6 lovely kittens.  The other is the result of a breeding between our first Stud, Kigensetsu, and our second Queen, Dolly!  This litter has 5 kittens, who are quickly catching up to Taiga's kids in the playfulness department.


We will have kitten available late December or early January!  Please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire found on the Available Cats & Kittens page if you are interested!

Thanks for reading, and for following our journey with us!

Jennifer & Tyler

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