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About Us

KawaiiKats Cattery is a growing cat breeder in Columbus, OH.  We are Tyler Deel and Jennifer Spadafino.

Prior to beginning our breeding journey, Tyler showed London, a beautiful Balinese cat and Harold (below), a stunning cream and white Japanese Bobtail, in Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). He was able to achieve a National win with Harold during the 2016-2017 show season! Jennifer entered Tyler's life the next year, and jumped feet first into the crazy world of showing cats, learning the ropes while helping Tyler achieve a Regional win with Shinji.

We got involved with breeding animals in 2018. Established breeder Lorna Friemoth of Friemoth Family Cats guided us with birthing and raising a litter of Japanese Bobtails. We have spent the last year showing one of those kittens, Ryuuji, as a premiership cat in CFA and achieved a regional win of 10th best in the Great Lakes Region, as well as 4th best cat in Agility in the Great Lakes Region.  In addition, Lorna graciously allowed us to begin our breeding program with Taiga, our current queen.

Our main priority is to breed and raise well-adjusted, exceptionally healthy Bobtails, in order to promote and improve the breed.

CFA GP, NW Chome Chai Hiketsu of KawaiiKats aka Harold
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