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Our Queen


CFA GC KawaiiKats Taiga Aisaka of NuDawnz

Mi-ke Longhaired Japanese Bobtail

Daughter of GC NuDawnz Ashiato Of Ja-Koi and GC Chome Chai Mezashi of NuDawnz, Taiga was born on 5/8/2018.

A spitfire from the moment she was born, Taiga has a brilliant maternal instinct while still maintaining her kittenesque behavior.  She love belly rubs and chin scritches the most!

First litter born 10/1/2019! Taiga blessed KawaiiKats with 3 lovely girls - 2 mi-ke, 1 red patterned and white - and a handsome boy - brown patterned and white.  They are growing like weeds, and eating us out of house and home!

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